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St. Barths’ Chicest Greek Beachside Eatery | Shellona Beach

Shellona Beach - St. Barths

Tucked down a small lane in Gustavia lies a little cove, or bay, with one of St. Barths’ best restaurants – Shellona. This lively Greek eatery with stunning views of the azure water was completely destroyed during Hurricane Irma, but the institution that is Shellona rebuilt the restaurant stronger and better. The space was literally wrecked and ravaged, but now you would never know there was a problem.

Shellona Beach - St. Barths - 1

Islanders and visitors love Shellona. Why? It’s so much fun. And, with some of the best Greek cuisine and expertly crafted cocktails you’ll have anywhere, one can’t help but be taken by the entirety of the atmosphere. I spent an afternoon recently here, lounging beachside and then moving-in to a table next to not one, but two notable celebrities in the fashion industry – which is another story.

Shellona Beach - St. Barths - 4

Three hours flew by sipping cocktails and noshing on homemade tzatziki, grilled fish, honey covered filo dough stuffed with cheese and ahi tuna. The staff are fun and attractive, which helps, and you feel like you can spend all day and night here. The thing about Shellona is that it’s casual, and effortlessly chic. So, it’s perfect for that afternoon lull that somehow, in the right environment, turns into the most perfect evening.

Shellona Beach - St. Barths - 2