The Best In Springtime Skincare |SKII’s Kit To Cure Facial Jet Lag

When searching for a combination of products to aid in the relief from facial jet lag, look no further then luxury skincare brand, SKII. The coveted serums, masks and creams housed in their iconic red boxes, offer relief from a variety of skin concerns – but a few make the perfect “kit” for helping your skin to cope while traveling this season. Below are our top three picks for seeing a true difference in your complexion.

The SKII Facial Treatment Mask: This mask is a magician in a little silver packet. A gauzy material soaked in vitamins, minerals and SKII’s patented Pitera complex, this mask is a lifesaver while traveling. Applying one to your face before, during and/or after a flight will aid in lifting and moisturizing your skin enough to see a dramatic difference. During the 20-minute application, the facial treatment mask smooths, hydrates and tightens the facial skin as well as delicate skin under your eyes. The result is a taught complexion that looks both rested and radiant.

The SKII Facial Treatment Repair C: This moisturizing serum in a little white bottle helps to plump and tone your skin through hyaluronic acid and, of course, Pitera. Smoothing a few pumps of this over your face during and after flight will help you in diminishing fine lines and retaining a healthy glow.

The SKII Cellumination Aura Essence: This light essence, or serum, can be applied after the SKII Repair C and under a moisturizer. Infused with the brand’s signature Pitera and “pixelwhite”, this item is perfect for adding a light glow to your skin. It is lightweight and non-greasy – allowing your skin to shine through. Use it both in the morning and in the evening before bed while traveling.