Slavonia’s Kutjevo Winery | The Art Of Ancient Winemaking

Kutjevo Winery, a winemaking operation which started in the Slavonia region of Croatia in 1232, is one of the country’s oldest and most consistently artful producers of high quality wine. Started after the founding of Vallis Honesta da Gotho abbey, by a French order in Burgundy, Kutjevo has a long heritage and foothold in the Croatian winemaking tradition. Offering guests everything from the much beloved Graševina (the “s” is pronounced “sh”), to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Kutjevo churns-out some of the best tasting vino in the area.

They’re specialty, Graševina, is produced from a white riesling grape that is related to the German variety. There is much speculation as to where this grape originated, some saying France, some Germany and some the countries east of the Balkans. But, it thrives in the flatlands of Slavonia and has become synonymous with the wine industry in Croatia.

Kutjevo’s Graševina, of which there are many varieties, is some of the smoothest and most drinkable. Their cellar houses barrel after barrel of wine, it’s dark and pebbled interior looking as if it were taken straight out of a fairy tale. The fertile Požega valley where the wine is grown has given the wines a mineral taste and the wines produced from its grapes held to the highest of standards.

When you visit Slavonia, I recommend visiting Kutjevo to witness their growing and producing as it’s so very fascinating. The management will escort you personally through the grounds and cellar, leaving you at the small gift shop to purchase a few bottles to bring home. Kutjevo was a definite highlight during my time in Slavonia.