Slavonia’s Most Eerily Beautiful Birdwatching Location | Kopački Rit Park

Kopački Rit Nature Park is at the intersection of the beautiful Drava and Danube rivers. Located in Slavonia, Croatia, on the border of Serbia – the park features hidden inlets, lakes, ponds and streams that give it a character all its own. The protected wetlands here have become a treasure trove for wildlife – especially birds. From the moment you set foot in the boat and begin your journey over water, you notice the incredible large and small winged creatures that call this place home.

The best way to move through Kopački Rit is by boat. Unfortunately, due to the war of the early 1990s, walking over parts of the land can be dangerous due to landmines which have not been found and deactivated. But, that’s okay. The boat provides a more exhilarating experience. On a recent visit, I was faced with a misty and cool day, one that made the area seem mysterious, almost haunted. I loved it.

A visit to the Slavonia region of Croatia would not be complete without a stop here.