Croatia’s Hidden Island Gem Near Split

Solta Island, Malta - 4

Šolta is an island in the Split region, a mere hour and a half ferry ride from the city center. The island isn’t known widely to visitors outside of Croatia, but it’s begging to be discovered. With charming towns, sparkling harbors and friendly people – it’s an all-around paradise for those who love Croatia, and the sea.

Solta Island, Malta - 6

Boats are parked throughout the year in the marina, trolling the aqua waters for fish and other treasures.

Solta Island, Malta - 5

The island is also known for its people and their traditional dancing, which dates back for centuries. I was fortunate enough to witness a performance in the Šolta harbor.

Solta Island, Malta - 1

For anyone searching for a new island to explore in Croatia’s Adriatic waters, Šolta is a perfect option.

Solta Island, Malta - 2