St. Petersburg, Russia’s Amazing Gourmet Market

Eliseev Store - St. Petersburg Russia - 1

Yeliseev Emporium is famous throughout St. Petersburg as a chic place to shop for Russian and international food specialties, as well as sit and enjoy a bit of tea and homemade borscht. Located on the beautiful and grand Nevsky Prospect, Yeliseev is an institution that is a testament to all that is beautiful and magical about St. Petersburg. It’s massive ceiling, historic frescoes and amazing works of art all tell a story.

Eliseev Store - St. Petersburg Russia - 2

I stopped by the shop/restaurant for a midday snack while hopping about the city. I sat on the centrally located round couch and ordered a coffee with a smattering of Russian desserts. I’m a sucker for sweets. But, it was worth it. A parade of cakes, cookies and more came from the kitchen. I enjoyed every bite. After my snack, I shopped for Russian cherries, caviar and bottled sauces to bring home.

Eliseev Store - St. Petersburg Russia - 3

Everything at Yeliseev is presented beautifully and with integrity. I can’t explain the level of detail here and any traveler to the region shouldn’t miss it.