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St. Petersburg, Russia’s Best Hotel

Four Seasons is synonymous with luxury and service – each property, though different in style and locale, adheres to the same ethos – from Toronto to the Maldives. In St. Petersburg, one of the legendary hotel chain’s properties sits, waiting to be discovered. The Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg is truly the city’s best hotel experience.

A converted government building houses the Four Seasons. Located in the middle of town, next to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the hotel offers 157 rooms, 26 suites, a spa, three restaurants and lounge. I checked-in and was given a beautiful suite with a view of St. Isaac’s. The cathedral was so close, I could almost touch it from my terrace. The pale yellow building is a beacon of light in this town and any guest with discerning taste will find their expectations exceeded.

I stayed only a short time at the hotel, unfortunately, for one evening. Being that I was there a short while, it was my mission to soak-up everything I could in my environment. I enjoyed the spa and the tea lounge. The décor was opulent, but not over-the-top. The hotel is elegant to say the least.

My favorite part of the experience was, of course, the breakfast. As a visitor, you can find Western offerings and simple items on the menu. But, I prefer my breakfast here Russian style. Have you tried Syrniki? If not, it’s a must at the Four Seasons Lion Palace. Small round dumplings of sweet cheese are lightly fried and doused in sour cream and homemade preserves. Yum. The bar here holds at least 10 varieties of Russian Kompot, a beverage composed of dried fruits and water. My magic moment happened over a small omelet prepared with special crab from the eastern Russian region of Kamchatka. It was folded delicately into fluffy eggs and topped with red caviar. Heaven.

Anyone looking for the best service in St. Petersburg should make a stop here, at the Four Seasons. It won’t leave you disappointed.