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St. Petersburg, Russia’s Coolest Dining Room

EM is a unique concept restaurant in St. Petersburg that invites its guests into a kitchen, with a few tables, to dine amongst the creators of their dinner. Though at first sight the space appears to be a regular dining room, it’s not. It is very much attached to an open kitchen – one that looks as if it were plucked from someone’s home and set right in the middle of one of the city’s coolest eateries.

EM Restaurant - St. Petersburg Russia - 5

EM is near the river, and is hidden behind a small nondescript door. Inside, the small dining room is buzzing with conversation while the chefs whip-up that evening’s specialties. The menu here changes frequently, if not daily, and focuses on local, seasonal ingredients that inform the dining experience. You might find fish, local meat, salads and soups. The food is definitely influenced by Russian flavors, but is more “new-Russian” than anything. There’s always a risk involved in each preparation, and that keeps things exciting.

EM Restaurant - St. Petersburg Russia - 10

Service at EM is good, but not in your face. The staff leaves you alone to enjoy your company and the food. But, they’re available and present at just the right times during the evening. For anyone seeking a unique dining experience, make EM a priority during your visit.