St. Petersburg’s Top Asian Fusion Eatery

Azien Restaurant - St. Petersburg, Russia - 4

Azia, a newer restaurant inside Belmond’s Hotel Grand Europe, is led by Chef Larisa Kordik, and makes a strong gastronomic statement to all those who covet food with flavors from the far east. A mélange of Asian cuisines are fused together to bring a delicious and unique offering to the city’s dining scene. And, what an offering it is. Tucked inside the hotel’s walls is a Japanese-esque eatery covered in rich woods, sumptuous linens and some of the best Aisan-fusion I’ve every eaten.

Azien Restaurant - St. Petersburg, Russia - 6

Chef Kordik has created and curated a menu that nods to various Asian cultures offering specific culinary delights. On her menu, you might find Chinese dim sum, Vietnamese spring rolls or expertly crafted Japanese sushi. Russians love sushi and their love for it has created a sophisticated understanding of what “the best” means. Azia has hired the best sushi masters in the city to prepare incredible rolls and sashimi that melts in your mouth.

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Azien Restaurant - St. Petersburg, Russia - 9


Azien Restaurant - St. Petersburg, Russia - 1

I ate at Azia before a performance of Swan Lake at the nearby Mariinsky Theatre. I was in a rush, and they accommodated that beautifully without missing a beat. If you’re a fan of Asian fare informed by incredible ingredients – please don’t miss Azia.