The Swiss-Born Skin Care Regimen That Will Transform Your Face


Valmont is one of the most incredibly researched and scientific skin care product lines available today – and their offerings will allow your skin the opportunity to exist at its highest potential. I am a personal devotee of the brand, and feel that, if you combine the products correctly, the results can be amazing.

One regimen that has helped my skin feel and look younger, is the following:

1. Votre Visage: This anti-aging cream is rich and luxurious, prepared with rare water found in Swiss glaciers. The cream has a visual lifting effect, tightening the skin and keeping it bright and luminous.

2. Eau Micellaire Precieuse: Glacial spring water and rose oil come together to remove makeup, excess oil and impurities. Pouring a small amount on a cotton pad enables you to wipe your skin clean of the day, leaving it moisturized and ready for treatment.

3. Moisturizing Booster: This light gel is packed with vitamins and moisturizing ingredients to add an instant moisture boost to your skin – ideal before applying a rich cream – perfect for summer or winter months.

4. Time Master Intensive Program: This treatment program, which lasts 28 days in its entirety, is divided into individual doses to use morning and night. The treatment is made-up of a light, yet powerful elixir that is packed with hyaluronic acid, liposome-encapsulated DNA and RNA, Elastin Reviver, a cocktail of peptides and other ingredients to address skin aging on a deep level. After 28 days, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your skin has changed – by the way it’s moisturized, firmed and illuminated.