Why This Swiss Skincare Brand Is The Top Choice In Anti-Aging

L;elixir Des Glaciers

Valmont, a Swiss skincare brand with a lineage in health and wellness dating back to 1905, is our choice for the number one anti-aging skincare formulations on the market. Swiss technology, and thinking, is infused into the products, on every level, to offer the brand’s customer innovative preparations that have the power to dramatically change your skin from the cellular level.

Among the company’s plethora of offerings, there are a few standout stars that I have personally used, contributing to major improvement in my skin’s appearance. These items all serve a different purpose, but work synergistically to make a positive impact on your appearance.


Prime Renewing Pack

A magic cream treatment in a jar – this milky-white formula helps tired and sallow skin appear as if you’ve had a restful night’s sleep – even if you haven’t. The cream relaxes your muscles and firms your skin, which is achieved through peptides and raw ginseng.

Dermo Structuring Master Factor III

Perfect for skin that is showing visible signs of aging, or for those who want a head start in preventing wrinkles – this cream is rich and packed with wild yam, soy phytosterols and Prime AWF complex to combat age on a cellular level.

Polyfactor Repair Serum Factor III+

This serum is amazing to use under a cream. It is the foundational support that will allow your skin to receive the next preparations more effectively. The main ingredient that aids this serum in achieving its goal of revitalization and smoothing your skin is Chinese Szechuan pepper. This is one of my favorite serums.

Clarifying Infusion

This concentrate is amazing for day and night as it helps aid with brightening and lightening your complexion. Whether you have a night out on the town or you’re running errands throughout the day, the serum acts as a perfect pre-moisture application or, as something light when your skin needs a break.

Clarifying Surge

This is another moisture option, which can be layered over the Clarifying Infusion. Its active ingredient of zinc DNA and rare silk tree extract that work together to brighten your skin in a way I never knew possible. This cream will take your dull skin and make it look alive again. Don’t forget to exfoliate well before application.

L’Elixir des Glaciers Sérum Précieux

This is probably one of my favorite products from Valmont and it comes from their much talked-about L’Elixir des Glaciers line. It’s formulated with rare and noble ingredients from Switzerland, including water collected from the remaining glaciers found in remote regions of the country, salmon DNA and cellular plant matter from alpine gardens. The cream, pseudo powder. has an instant lifting and resurfacing effect on your skin. As you smooth it over your face and neck, you can see the silky powder go to work by making your skin appear, literally, flawless. When I first witnessed this, I thought it might be a fluke. But, I was wrong. As I used the product over the course of a month, until the bottle was empty, I realized my skin got better and better with each use. Although this formulation is very pricey, it’s absolutely worth the investment.