Dinner At The Relais And Chateaux Térèze Resturant At Hotel Santa Teresa

Tereze Restaurant tucked inside the Relais and Chateaux Hotel Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro, is a fantastic option for those looking for a quiet, yet luxurious evening in the hills of this magical city. Chef Pablo Ferreyra has created a space and menu that melds nicely with the nature and lushness of the area. The wooden tables, which seem as if they’ve just been cut from trees a stone’s throw from the kitchen, make for a textural and visual experience. Tables are topped with bright flowers, candles and soft Brazilian music plays in the background.

Entering the restaurant opens-up an intimate and moody culinary world. The ambiance is dark and sultry, but still energetic with the 100 guests that can be seated throughout the space. A wine list of over 200 varieties is on offer, as well as a smattering of cocktails created from local ingredients. Menus are given almost instantly and your servers, all dressed in black, welcome you by pouring over your options. There are always special as well as a six-course experience designed by the chef, if you care to get a taste of the real magic that happens behind closed doors.

The menu takes traditional Brazilian favorites an re-imagines them with international influences from France – introducing items like foie gras, goat cheese and more. The ingredients are mostly sourced locally but some things, like Chilean salmon are brought-in. The menu offers a variety with fish, fowl, red meat, pasta and other items. But, each item is executed perfectly – as not too common with restaurants that try and tackle more than their specialty.

Dinner at Tereze is peaceful, relaxed and delicious, leaving you full but still wanting to delve into other unexplored areas of the menu. We recommend coming more than once on your trip to Rio, something we’ve never recommended before, to really get a grasp of what is offered. Personally, as I ended my evening and walked past the lit infinity pool and past a large ginger bush out to the street, I couldn’t wait to return for more.