The Best European Airline Business Class | Flying In Extreme Luxury With Swiss International Airlines

Of All the European air carriers, the iconic Swiss International Airlines takes the number one spot for best business class in the sky. The Zurich-based airline has grown in the ranks to become an all-around beacon for comfort, luxury and service while flying in today’s hectic and busy skies. Standing proud at the end of jetways around the world, the clean body of the airline’s planes paired with the famed red crosses gracing their tails is a call to action for the airline’s employees to put the customer first, in every way. From the moment of check-in at a quiet and separate business-class dedicated counter at the airport, you can just feel that all is well and will be taken care of for you.

Flying recently on a flight from New York’s JFK Airport to Zurich, SWISS welcomed me on-board into their spacious and well-designed business class cabin with warm smiles and a glass of champagne. The flight attendants calmly prepared for the 9:00 pm departure while other passengers found their seats. You’re instantly put at ease with the airline’s cool and zen color palette, soft grays, cream, white and a bit of red here and there. The business class seats are extraordinarily comfortable with plush pillow-tops, a full-sized pillow offered in-flight and a large and warm comforter to keep you toasty while sprawled-out in the 6-foot long flat bed which is converted from the standing seat with a touch of a button. The Swiss don’t joke around when it comes to designing things just-right, and that shows.

Shortly after departure, the flight attendants made their way around the cabin to ensure everyone’s comfort. Wines from Switzerland were offered, more champagne, snacks and menus were handed-out to allow passengers time to choose their selection from the airline’s extensive menu. Flights departing from Switzerland experience the “Taste of Switzerland” which are menus designed by partner chefs with large followings and a great deal of respect in the culinary community. From America, I experienced “SWISS Traditions” which were flavors inspired by the Italian region of Switzerland, Tocino. Dinner selections were made and, shortly after, a parade of fantastic cuisine made an appearance. I selected an appetizer of smoked salmon with a beautiful salad. The main course was an elegantly served chicken with potatoes and a medley of vegetables. It was all fantastic. After dinner, dessert came with Nespresso coffee, tea and, of course, a smattering of Swiss chocolates which are presented to passengers in a gold box for their choosing.

After tea and dessert, I slipped into bedtime mode. I prepared in the larger-than-normal bathroom with my amenity kit, washing my face and brushing my teeth in ease. I returned to my seat to sift through a variety of entertainment options. My flat screen was ample-sized and provided recent film releases to choose from. Selecting the Oscar-nominated “Cake” with Jennifer Aniston, I turned my seat into a bed within seconds and prepared for the remaining 5 hours. I fell asleep, not finishing the movie, and awoke with just 45 minutes left in-flight. Breakfast of eggs, yogurt and pastries was presented to give passengers a little something to get their energy up for the morning ahead.

My flight on SWISS was seamless. Airlines, especially today, often put their attention on details but they are sometimes the wrong details. Things are overlooked and left neglected at the passengers’ discomfort, even within the luxury air travel market. But, SWISS has a different approach. They plan and plot intelligently, and that makes a difference. No stone is left untuned here. They expertly serve 104 destinations in 48 countries with non-stops to Zurich and Geneva from both JFK and Newark airports. From other locations in the United States, such as Los Angeles, Miami and more flights added in July 2015 from San Francisco, you can connect to anywhere in Europe, Asia and select destinations in Africa. SWISS cannot be beat in its markets – and that is not an easy thing to accomplish.