The World’s Best Business Class Lounges | Swiss International Airlines At Zurich Airport

Swiss International Airlines is known amongst the traveling community as one of the very best travel products in-flight, but one of their most incredible offerings is on the ground in their business class lounges. Zurich Airport is their hub and so, naturally, throughout the well-organized and easy-to-navigate space, SWISS operates six lounges for first and business class passengers.

Flying from New York’s JFK Airport to Zurich to connect to the tiny town of Adelboden, SWISS’s on-ground facilities made the journey incredibly easy and comfortable. Not only do they operate the most incredible lounge at JFK Airport, which features a modernly-designed space filled with delicious food, cocktails, beer and wine just steps from your gate, but their business arrivals lounge in Zurich is a refuge for weary travelers just in from their long-haul journeys.

After landing in Zurich, having endured a very comfortable but long flight, SWISS invited passengers to use their “business arrivals lounge”. Here you can ease yourself into Europe time with a generous breakfast of scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, grilled tomatoes, cheese selections, yogurt with muesli and a variety of other food options. Also, inside the beautifully-lit and architectural space, you’ll find access to fantastic showers that are equipped in a spa-like manner. You can shower, clean and brighten yourself to take on the day – all without the need of checking-in to a hotel.

SWISS offers slippers, towels, a robe and bathroom amenities to buff away your journey. You’ll leave the SWISS business arrivals lounge feeling like a million dollars. This perk is worth the ticket alone and, in true SWISS style, will exceed your needs. It’s, quite simply put, the best.