The Fastest And Most Luxurious Way To Get Between Victoria And Vancouver | Helijet

With all the options to get between Victoria, British Columbia and Vancouver, Helijet is by far the quickest, most luxurious and scenic. The helicopter service, which runs frequently back and forth between downtown Victoria and downtown Vancouver, offers their clients the best of on-the-ground and in-the-air service. Frequented by diplomats and local VIPs, the service caters to those who know how valuable their time is, and appreciate Helijet’s convenience.

On a recent trip between Victoria and Vancouver, we were taken to the company’s airport just a stone’s throw from downtown Victoria on Dallas Road. Checking-in was swift and easy, relaxing for a few minutes in Helijet’s lounge of leather chairs and snacking on granola, fruit, water and coffee. Just a few minutes after arriving, baggage was checked and we were boarding the flight. Our captain met us at the door and we were escorted out into the open space, up a few steps and into the shiny blue and white flying machine. It was all quite glamorous.

Lift-off happened almost immediately and we were soon on our way for a 30-minute flight across the Salish Sea, over the islands and into a glassy and stunning downtown Vancouver. The views were spectacular and the ride was a smooth as can be. We landed safely downtown and were met by a driver and taken to our hotel. It couldn’t have been easier.

Flights through Helijet are reasonably priced and worth every dollar. You get so much more than transportation with their service. Be sure to bring your camera or prepare you phone for a lot of picture-taking. With views like this, you just can’t help it.