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VIDEO: The Man Who Traded-in Being A Chemical Engineer To Live His Passion As A World Famous Mountain Climber | Inspired Citizen And Ivan Vallejo

It’s time to take your thinking, and life, to new heights. I traveled to Quito, Ecuador to meet world famous mountaineer, Ivan Vallejo. Vallejo was incredibly inspiring as he taught me that it’s never too late to move in the direction of your dreams. Born and raised in Ecuador, Vallejo always knew he loved mountains. But, life’s pressures led him into a career that wasn’t compatible with his personality and goals. In his thirties, he found the courage to cut his family’s income by half and leave his job as a chemical engineer to make more time for mountain climbing. Since then, he has built a name and reputation in scaling the world’s 14 highest peaks, all without the use of supplemental oxygen. His philosophies sparked me to think about my own experience on this planet differently and they will for you too. Whether you’re 18 or 48, you hold the reigns and, therefore, the control to do something different.