The Most Innovative Culinary Destination In Lisbon

Chef José Avillez is a Lisbon legend. With four other restaurants in the city, people know that he is capable of churning-out interesting and unique dining establishments that make an impact. This remains true with one of my favorites of his offerings, Mini Bar.

The concept of Mini Bar is small bites that pack a punch, offered in first, second and third “acts”. Known for his experimentation, diners might taste items like: El Bulli olives or a Vietnamese pork sandwich. My favorites are the tempura avocado with dehydrated kimchi, as well as the tuna tartar temaki cone with spicy soy sauce.

The mood at the restaurant is casual and fun, a good place to watch people. Service at Mini Bar is on point, servers never missing a beat in their timing or delivery of your dishes or incredible cocktails. For anyone interested in culinary experimentation that doesn’t lose the essence of the dish in its fantasy, choose Mini Bar.