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The Most Sensational Chocolate From Japan | Patissier Es Koyama

Patissier Es Koyama, located roughly 45 minutes outside of Osaka, Japan, is a confectionary powerhouse that has seemingly sailed under the international radar since 2003. In the area where the brick and mortar shop is located, the city of Sanda, it’s really quite famous. But only recently did I discover why es Koyama is the most special chocolate maker and patissier in Northern Asia.

When sifting through the selection of chocolate crafted by the innovative chef,┬áMr. Susumu Koyama, there is no part of his imagination that has been untapped. His creations have been awarded around the world in cities like Paris and New York for their true departure from the norm in the industry. They offer many beautiful and well-curated box sets for sale which feature top sellers from the past three years. Dark chocolate and miso, chocolate covered ground almond and green pepper, chocolate and nato beans – the choices are endless. The unique tastes created by Mr. Koyama delight every tastebud. And, in true Japanese form, the presentation is stunning, in beautifully printed papers, foils, corked boxes and chocolate “books”.

What I admire about es Koyama is that it is a brand that can easily compete amongst the best in their class in the luxury chocolate category, but they take the snobbery out of it. It’s pure, grounded and rooted in creativity. Although they do not sell their product in North America at the moment, it’s worth every effort to visit the brick and mortar store in Japan. It will be one of the best stops you make while traveling all year.