The Only Face-Focused, Anti-Aging Spa You Need To Know In Paris

Biologique Recherche is an icon in the world of skincare, and they’ve recently upped their caché with the reopening of their Ambassade de la Beauté off the Champs Élysées in Paris. With a stunning interior painstakingly renovated and designed by the incredible Joanne de Lepinay, this mecca of skincare has now become equally a mecca of design.

Elegant period pieces in ivory, brass and navy blue from the 1970s, the era the brand was founded, dot the new space. The company acquired the neighboring house and expanded to create more treatment rooms, a larger lobby lounge and a breathtaking VIP “Haute Couture” room equipped with private bath, shower, lounge and treatment area.

I was recently a guest in the space, which I, with utmost confidence, believe is the best place one can receive a facial – not only in Paris, but the world. Indulging in an hour and half of their individually tailored remodeling facial, I learned that my skin was slightly dehydrated and losing elasticity. After my 90-minute session of plucking, squeezing, massaging and infusing – my skin had never looked better. I left tighter and glowing, and the results lasted at least a week.

Biologique Recherche, founded by the Allouche family, is grounded strictly in medicine and science. They have made it very clear that although their mission is to provide a luxury and beautiful experience, fluff is not their goal. Results and restoration is the key to their business.

If you’re in Paris for an event, a vacation or for business please head to Biologique Recherche. Your face will thank you. Don’t forget to shop their products – as they will help continue your skin’s evolution after you’ve returned home. Why settle for anything but the best?