The Only Holiday Tea In New York That Matters | Tea At The Plaza’s Palm Court

New York City during the holidays is pure magic, and experiencing holiday tea is an institution – but only the Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel can offer a truly unforgettable experience. The Palm Court was just reimagined and restructured through the eyes of celebrity chef and television personality, Geoffrey Zakarian. The mood (by architect Thierry Despont) and tea menu are both modern, but with a foot planted very firmly in the ‘good old days’. What visitors are left with is a space where you can come to unwind, and spend an afternoon through the holidays and beyond.

The Palm Court is not a large space and not a small space, but just the right size. The marble is softened by potted plants and, of course, palms which bring an element of the outdoors in. Sitting in the bustling room during the holidays keeps energy high, even at tea. After being seated, you can choose from the varied tea services to customize your afternoon to your liking. There are three options: The New Yorker Holiday Tea, Champagne Tea and Eloise Sugar and Spice Tea, which is aimed at children. But, all can be enjoyed equally by adults.

The tea service here is presented by no less than three people. Tables are attended to perfectly and your every wish, anticipated. On custom silver tiered étagères freshly-made scones, pastries, sandwiches and specialty desserts are served. You might find egg salad or smoked salmon – gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting – peppermint cotton candy – pistachio green tea financiers, the possibilities are endless. But, notice the details. Miniature gingerbread men set against frosted Christmas trees or tiny apple cider cupcakes – delicious.

The tea menu is intense at the Palm Court. You can choose from premium selected English, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and other teas that are served in pure form or blended, all loose leaf, of course. If you choose the Champagne Tea, expect a glass or two of Moët & Chandon Brut Rosé Impérial.

During the holidays we don’t have time to spare, with all the running around. But, it’s important to take a moment with the ones you love – be it friends or family – to have time where you can be present and filled with joy. The Palm Court offers you a space to do this. Holiday tea here is that moment for me, and I hope to return again soon before the season’s over on January 3rd.