New York’s Top Window Shades 2018 | The Shade Company

The Shade Company is the top custom window treatment operation for 2018. A business based on professionalism, artistry and quality, The Shade Company offers its clientele incredible window creations to suit anyone’s needs and design taste. The business has been operating for 12 years and, in that time, has developed a reputation in the New York area as the city’s best – due to their incredible array of options and quality.

We recently styled a small but elegant one-bedroom apartment in New York’s West Village neighborhood and had heard about The Shade Company and their work. Aside from knowing the owner’s are directly involved with the measuring, manufacturing and installation; we had heard of their quality and choices when it came to fabric and styles. We invited them to the space to see the windows, and to measure for what would be a small but special job. The Shade Company is oftentimes called-on by New York’s most elite clientele and multi-million dollar apartments for their work, but they put the same effort into anyone’s space, no matter the size or value.

Roy, one of the owners of The Shade Company, visited the space and suggested various fabrics and options for the scheme of the apartment. It was important to have two layers in the shade creation process, all in an effort to make the windows look larger and richer. We chose a stunning ivory sun shade which allowed roughly 50% of light to enter, creating a layer of privacy without completely blocking the window or the light coming through. These were done on three windows in the apartment – in both the bedroom and living room.

On top of the window, we selected a linen Roman shade, one operated by a simple pull string device with heavy knob ending. This made it very easy to operate, and the Roman shades’ folds added texture along with the linen fabric. The living room shade was done in a pale oatmeal color, and the bedroom windows were done in a snow white color – to match the white fabric on the bed. As soon as measurements were done, the shades were put into production.

Depending on the job, The Shade Company can churn-out quality window treatments in three to four weeks. Installation will be scheduled once the shades are done, and will typically be handled by their expert crew members who are familiar with New York City’s (usually) crooked window frames. They do everything in their power to keep everything looking straight and symmetrical, which isn’t the same for most companies.

The shades were hung by the team and they looked absolutely stunning. Not only were they functional, but they took a New York City rental and made it feel like a luxury condominium. Windows are the eyes to a room and without dressings, leave a bare and empty feeling. Most designers know that window treatments are of utmost importance, and we are no different. Without The Shade Company, the space would have had a completely different feel.

For anyone seeking to enhance their space and truly inject a feeling of luxury, call on The Shade Company. You won’t find anyone better in the business.