The Top Brand For Serious And Natural Sun Protection

Organic Pharmacy - Tan

The Organic Pharmacy, a UK-based all natural and often organic skincare line, is my go-to choice for serious sun care. By now, we all know that the sun is a beautiful thing, but it can destroy your skin – kicking your aging process into high gear. It’s important, though, to understand that through the very cluttered sun protection market, there are not many stellar performers that cover the entire basis in terms of protection, nourishment and environmental sensitivity. The Organic Pharmacy offers the perfect selection to help you through a sunny holiday or long summer of sun exposure. These choices are a must for the summer ahead.

Cellular Protection Sun Cream SPF 30

Titanium dioxide and zinc provide a natural barrier from the sun. Add aloe, rose hip oil, shea butter and calendula – and you’ve got a skin-quenching formulation of nutrients that will moisturize and nourish your skin on every level. What’s amazing about this product, is that it uses finely micronized minerals to filter UVA and UVB sun rays, leaving no white residue. And, to top it all off, a subtle, yet sweet smell of rose lingers after application.

Cellular After Sun Cream

After just a few hours in the sun, even with protection, your skin can be parched. This after sun cream is infused with apricot and rose hip oil to deeply hydrate and calm slightly inflamed skin. The thick, yet easily absorbed formulation also contains nettle and marigold to heal burns. Your skin will also receive a dose of antioxidants with white tea extract, which is an ingredient as well.

Self Tan

To enhance your summer or holiday tan, adding a little color after protecting yourself so well from the sun, use this product. The main ingredient, ecocert-approved sugar beet, helps your skin develop a natural glow, without worry of exposing your body and internal organs to harsh chemicals that can sometimes be found in other self-tanning products.

Organic Pharmacy - Rose Diamond - 2

The Rose Diamond Face Cream

A brand new addition to the Organic Pharmacy family, this incredible face cream utilizes the most luxurious, and effective, ingredients in the world to instantly add firmness, elasticity and moisture to your skin. Loaded with shea, rose hip, pomegranate, evening primrose and safflower oils – you will instantly feel the silky texture melt into your pores and bring your skin to life again. This product is perfect for summer, even with its rich texture, as it will keep your epidermis alive after all of the intentional or unintentional sun exposure.

A little goes a long way here, so just use a dab to cover your entire face and neck. Fine lines and discoloration will fade with the help of the oils, but also, with the help of the brand’s proprietary hibiscus growth factor and diamond powder. The Rose Diamond Face Cream isn’t a luxury for luxury’s sake; it is real, honest skincare that works.