A Gastronomic Dining Experience With Majestic Views Of The River Douro | Eating At The Yeatman

Chef Ricardo Costa is at the helm of the gastronomic restaurant at the beautiful Yeatman Hotel in historic Porto, Portugal. Atop a hill overlooking the River Douro and the crumbling city which gently climbs up and down hills surrounding the waterfront, a masterpiece of culinary genius takes place. Not only has Michelin proclaimed this, but many others who have crossed its path. This is, quite simply, the best restaurant in Porto.

A beautiful and open room with high ceilings, mint-colored walls and stunning murals sets the perfect tone for food presented to guests. Tables are elegantly dressed and arranged with care. Waitstaff move swiftly but carefully in synchronized order while the expert sommelier chooses each vintage to be paired with the meal at hand. It all happens so easily.

Diners can choose from a menu or select a tasting, which I did. Course after course was presented in the most beautiful and creative of ways. With each dish, I was surprised by the flavors, uniqueness and ingredients paired with wines from across Portugal. The Yeatman is heavily influenced and entrenched in the world of wine, especially the riches that Portugal’s vineyards offer, so this makes for the perfect marriage.

On the menu you might find sea bream, Bisaro pork, lobster, chestnut pudding and more. Portugal is the influence and its treasure trove of flavors are explored deeply. Throughout my meal I was impressed by the service and, of course, the views of Porto only added to the magic. Any visitor to the area, even if you’re within 100 miles, should visit. You won’t regret it.