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The Ultimate New York Apartment | The TOTO Neorest 750H


In the world of bathrooms, specifically toilets, the Japanese brand TOTO steps forward as the king of the castle. And, it’s fitting that their thrones are the most high-tech, beautifully and intelligently designed options in the marketplace. Known for decades to be revolutionaries, this has never been more apparent than with the introduction of their NEOREST 750H – a toilet that literally has the potential to change your life and the quality of your day-to-day living.

In 1917, in Japan, Kazuchika Okura founded Toyo Toki, K.K., a company dedicated to bringing a healthier and more sanitary bathroom experience to Japan – while protecting the Earth and its water. A true visionary, Okura saw that he could improve his fellow citizens’ lives by spearheading the use of high-quality indoor plumbing products at a time when public sanitation was not yet widespread in Japan. He wanted to make people’s lives healthier and cleaner and looked to the planet to help guide the design of internal toilet flushing systems that would be using water across the entirety of the country. 

Japan, for centuries, has refined the traditions and craft of pottery and ceramics – and this craftsmanship has been incorporated into every TOTO product, especially those produced today. You can see and feel the difference in the silken glazes that cover the bowls of each toilet – showing the attention to detail the Japanese and TOTO are known for. The company has stuck to its motto, “Take pride in your work, and strive to do your best.” These words have guided them for over a century. 

Neorest 750 - 2

Luxury is synonymous with bespoke convenience and TOTO offers just that. But, they have taken convenience a step further with their new technology that knocks their competitors clean out of sight. Found in homes and hotels across the planet, these toilets have been featured in television, in film and in some of the most high-end, exclusive establishments on the planet. So, why not bring this element of luxury into your own home? You’ll find TOTO toilets in hotels like the Park Hyatt Tokyo, and others – helping to shape the stories luxury brands try to deliver to their customers. 

Neorest 750 - 3

TOTO’s new technology with the NEOREST 750H is the ACTILIGHT, which has been in development for years. The technology features a special UV light and titanium dioxide and zirconium coating on the bowl’s surface that enables the toilet to break down dirt, grime, waster, mold and mildew – rinsing them down the drain. Their proprietary EWATER+ technology sprays the bowl with electrolyzed water after every flush to sanitize it. The ACTILIGHT turns on automatically and glows a supernatural violet. The light streams through the toilet bowl from the lid, and completely cleans it. You never have to worry about sitting on a dirty toilet again. 

Neorest 750 - 5

Aside from this new technology, the NEOREST 750H features a special ceramic glaze that ensures nothing is left behind after use – which is a known problem with standard toilets. The 750H seems untouchable, even by the biggest messes. After several uses, the toilet looks pristine and, really it is – thanks to the ACTILIGHT. No more scrubbing the bowl after each use. You can sit down comfortably and use the wall-mountable remote control to control every function of your experience. Two people can even store their settings in the remote, for comfort and cleanliness at the touch of a button. 

Neorest 750 - 4

Of course this toilet features a slew of TOTO’s other signature features aside from the characteristics that make it unique. We are talking about a Tornado/siphon jet flushing system, ACTILIGHT UV light built into the lid, dual flushing function, CEFIONTECT glaze, universal height, WASHLET personal cleansing system with three functions – rear, front and soft, oscillating and pulsating comfort washing. The toilet also features auto flush and auto lid open/close, an automatic air purifying system, adjustable heated seat, adjustable WASHLET wand position, programmable energy saving system, backup manual flush, ADA compliance, multifunctional remote control and EWATER+, which mists the bowl with electrolyzed water – reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, which saves money and protects the planet. And, if any of these functions fail to work or if there is ever confusion about how to handle a particular situation – TOTO’s technical support team, located in California and Georgia, is one call away. They will troubleshoot your toilet with you on the phone and be sure you’re up and running in no time – and, if need be, even come to your home for a house call. I’ve actually never dealt with a more kind and helpful support team behind any device. 

TOTO’s proprietary Tornado/siphon jet flushing system is green in nature – which speaks loudly to those who are environmentally sensitive, yet do not want to compromise on quality. Their 1.0 GPF gravity-fed dual-flush system uses a mere 1.0 gallon per “full” flush and 0.8 gallons for the light flush. The 750H itself is intuitive and knows when to add more power to flush a big job, versus something smaller and easier to go down. It will flush automatically from seated or standing position. 

Using the NEOREST 750H toilet is a dream. Imagine a device where every sense is addressed during your bathroom experience. Sitting-down in the morning on a heated seat, especially when the house might be a bit chilly, is a welcomed moment. An automatic air deodorizer makes sure you and your loved ones don’t have to deal with any unwanted air wafting out from the bathroom, the warm water delicately rinsing you after each use is a clean unlike any other – and the toilet is quiet. The TOTO NEOREST 750H is indeed the best, and we can’t recommend it highly enough. Any luxury apartment or home will benefit and, once you try it, you’ll have a very hard time returning to your old ways. The TOTO NEOREST 750H retails for $10,200, but is an investment that will pay-off for years to come. 

Photos Provided By: TOTO