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2 Lasers That Every Traveler Needs To Maintain On The Road

tria lazer

Tria lasers are light years ahead of their time. The perfect brand to address every skin-related beauty need, Tria offers several specific at-home lasers to help you look and feel your best. Two of my personal favorites, and what I would consider to be the ultimate in beauty and grooming, are the SmoothBeauty Laser and the Hair Removal Laser 4X.

tria lazer

Tria’s SmoothBeauty laser is an award-winning at-home non-ablative laser that addresses fine lines, wrinkles, collagen and volume loss. As we age, our face loses volume and slows in collagen production. The lack of collagen enhances creases around our mouth, eyes and forehead – making for what most would consider a less-than desirable appearance. The SmoothBeauty laser is an FDA-cleared device that sends pulses of light into your skin, helping to damage your skin on a micro-level, which, in turn, causes the epidermis to rapidly produce collagen and heal the damaged area. The result? A plump, and more youthful complexion. After just two weeks, you’ll see noticeable results – making your trips to the dermatologist or plastic surgeon less frequent.

The laser is perfect for men and women because, let’s face it, everyone wants to look their best. I pack mine when I travel and give my skin a treatment while lying in my hotel bed watching movies. You really can do it almost anywhere. The SmoothBeauty laser by Tria has even helped me lessen the appearance of small acne scars in the temple area of my face.

Tria - 1

Smooth skin isn’t my only concern so, to address areas of my body where I want to rid my skin of unwanted hair (namely parts of my beard and chest), I rely on the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. This laser targets the pigmented hair follicle, destroying it and preventing it from growing hair in the future. What amazed me most is that after just my first use, I saw the hair on my chest lessen – which is exactly what I wanted. I continued to use the device for the next several weeks and have gotten rid of my hair almost completely.

Tria - 2

The Hair Removal Laser 4X has been a game change for me as I had patches of hair on my cheeks that were higher on my cheekbone than the rest of my beard. This created an uneven and unkempt look. The laser allowed me the opportunity to target those patches and completely get rid of them, making shaving completely unnecessary in that area. I’ve been shocked at the ease of use and results of this little machine – and in such a short amount of time.

Tria - 3

For those looking to address skin and hair concerns, turn to Tria. These two devices will literally change your beauty and grooming routine in ways you’d never expect.