New York’s Top Beauty-Focused Spa Of 2019 | Trifecta Med Spa

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Trifecta Med Spa, with four locations in New York City and others in Long Island, is the top med spa in the area for 2019. Headed by Doctor Edward Fruitman, this med spa offers clients top-of-the-line services to address all your aging concerns. We heard incredible things about the spa and decided to book an appointment. Their sleek, modern and clean facilities are impressive, and their expertise in aging and the latest anti-aging devices and treatments is unparalleled.

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Booking an appointment was fast and easy. Our goal on this particular visit was to address skin laxity, a symptom of aging. The goal was to tighten the skin of the face, especially around the jawline. The professionals at Trifecta recommended Ultherapy. This treatment is done in-office and takes roughly two hours to complete. It’s the only FDA-approved, non-surgical facelift that actually achieves significant results.

The advisors at the clinic went over the procedure, what to expect and the results that would be achieved. After asking many questions and doing our own online research, we decided to go ahead with the treatment at Trifecta. The day of the appointment was easy and we showed up, ready for the process. It was explained that Ultherapy delivers pulses of sonic energy deep into the skin with a handheld device. The energy causes micro-damage in the skin and, as a reaction, the skin retracts and tightens, which allows for a more youthful appearance. Full results take up to 6 months to see, but, over time, the skin becomes tighter and tighter – defying gravity.

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Our technician was educated, knowledgeable and very kind. She was very gentle and allowed us to stop and start the procedure as our comfort level allowed. The procedure itself was not painful, just slightly uncomfortable. But, Trifecta Med Spa did a fabulous job of guiding us through it, making the entire thing very enjoyable.

We left incredibly impressed with the team and facilities at Trifecta. The clinics offer everything from Ultherapy to IPL facials, fillers, botox, and much, much more. If you’re in New York and looking to improve your appearance in capable hands, Trifecta Med Spa is a great option.