What To Do In Bologna | Pasta Making At Uova E Farina

Part of Bologna’s rich heritage is food, especially pasta, and here you can find various establishments which allow you to learn how to make regional pasta specialties like tortellini and tagliatelle. One of these establishments is also a restaurant, “Uova e Farina”, which allows an in-depth look at the work that goes into making fresh pasta. Though easy once you get the hang of it, if I were making homemade pasta for my guests – I don’t think there would be a price high enough to compensate me for my efforts. But once through, the smiling faces of those enjoying your hard work makes it all worthwhile.

At Uova e Farina I learned how to make tortellini and tagliatelle using farina and eggs in the traditional manner with a lot of eggs and a lot of elbow grease. Afterwards, I ate my through each helping smothered in a rich Bolognese sauce made by the chef that morning. Delicious.