Malta’s Magical City

Valletta, Malta - 3

Valletta city, Europe’s most Southern capital by location, is one of the most amazing cities you might visit this year. Rising from the sea and flanked by the Grand Harbor as well as the Marsamxett Harbor, visitors are instantly impressed by the sheer beauty and energy here. Boats drift in and out of the harbors; people walk through the streets on their way to work and locals bustle in and out of shops that sell everything from food to Maltese glass, silver filigree and antiques. I was guided through town by the incredible Narcy Calamatta – who knows everything there is to know about Valletta and Malta, for that matter.

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Valletta is an architectural marvel – offering buildings built in the 1500s and onwards for you to explore. There are cathedrals, churches, palaces, plazas, The Grand Master’s Palace, the Upper Barrakka Gardens, St. John’s Co-Cathedral, outdoor sculptures and more.

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You can take the elevator down to the harbor and cross to nearby Birgu – on a small, traditional wooden boat, similar t those traversing the Venice canals. In fact, here in Valletta you can truly feel the Middle Eastern, European and North African influences that make-up the culture of this island, immensely.

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A day in Valletta and Birgu, especially when the sun is out, will allow you to feel the true spirit of the Maltese islands. The cities are brimming with action and worth taking your time to soak-in every moment.

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