Dining In Cartagena, Colombia | Vera Restaurant

The Tcherassi Hotel and Spa in Cartagena, Colombia, designed by Silvia Tcherassi, is a unique and beautiful place to hang your hat while visiting the stunning city on Colombia’s northern Caribbean coast. But, aside from sleeping, the hotel offers one of the city’s most incredible dining experiences which provides locals and visitors a place to relax, soak-up the serene atmosphere and experience culinary delights meant for true foodies and lovers of Italian cuisine. Vera Restaurant, as it’s called, is a “must” for those who crave that perfect combination of people watching and innovative cooking that will exceed your tastebud’s expectations.

As you step off the street and into the whitewashed space, you’re instantly cooled by the shade of the palms, still pools and lit trees. The waitstaff greet you and lead you to a pristine table set with layer upon layer of snow-white dinnerware and glass accents. Menus are provided, or, if you’re feeling adventurous (which would be my recommendation), opt for the chef’s tasting menu. Whichever you choose, course after course will be brought out, in an organized and synchronized manner, to usher you through an epicurean vision from the artist behind the cook top, Daniel Castaño.

During my dinner I experienced prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, octopus on a bed of roasted potato, sweet pork belly, slow-cooked beef, homemade ravioli and more. The meal was paired with various wines from Chile, France and Argentina – all fantastic. On top of the incredible wine choice, the kitchen prepared specialty cocktails utilizing local rum and fruits like maracuya and guava. Everything flowed like water throughout the two and a half hour experience. It was a true pleasure to experience it.

Unique details make guests realize that they are dining someplace truly special. Aside from the delectable food, gazing out at a vertical garden featuring 3000 local plants and a restored 250-year-old stone wall, is not usual. But, it’s these features that make Vera what it is. In fact, the name Vera means “truthful”, and truthfully, you shouldn’t miss it. That would be a huge miss for any visitor to Cartagena.