VIDEO: The Groundbreaking Fashion Activist Behind Gaga, Beyonce and Madonna | Inspired Citizen and B. Akerlund

B. Akerlund is a costume designer, stylist and fashion activist like none other. She’s brave, bold and has a mission to do things her way – which includes inspiring a younger generation to stay true to who they are. From the age of 16, she’s pounded the pavement to make a name for herself in fashion and styling. Today, her client list includes the likes of: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Lexus, Dior, H&M and countless others. What I learned from her is that we all have an opportunity to do what we want in life. The key is to identify what we’re good at and put that into action. She is kind, thoughtful and a big believer in karma – you do good and good will happen to you. I sat down with her in the Bernadotte Suite at The Grand Hotel, Stockholm, for an intimate conversation. Enjoy!