VIDEO: The Men Revolutionizing Coconut Water | Inspired Citizen And Harmless Harvest

Justin Guilbert and Douglas Riboud are the founders and co-CEOs of Harmless Harvest, a relatively new coconut water brand sweeping the nation with its delicious flavor and strong stance on ethical business practices. Having once been at the helm of large corporations, the two ventured out to create a business that matched their personal philosophies and provided a product consumers would love and feel good about purchasing.

Creating what I believe to be the best tasting, bottled coconut water on the market, the business partners pushed to invent new technology that would remove harmful bacteria from the fresh coconut water before the bottling process takes place. Through thousands of pounds of pressure, instead of boiling the nutrition out, the bacteria is killed and theiir product maintains the complex flavors and nutritional integrity desired by so many. The efforts and risks paid off and they are on their way to expanding their ecosystem-based business model across other areas of the food and beverage market.