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VIDEO: The Man Who Uses Music To Save Lives | Inspired Citizen And Nimrod Moloto

Nimrod Moloto is a talented musician, but an even more talented mentor. He is the founder of the Melodi Music Trust Project in Soweto, a lower-income area of Johannesburg, South Africa. Nimrod has been chosen by famed international, “ideas worth spreading”, conference and talk producer TED, to speak. He also has been recognized internationally for the work he does with children in the community in which he was raised. Sparked by the sight of young kids running the dangerous streets of Soweto, in jeopardy of falling prey to drugs, alcohol and early teenage pregnancy, Nimrod decided to act. He assembled a choir which he has dedicated his life to, all in an effort to get the youth of the area involved in something they’re passionate about. In turn, he has transformed people and changed the trajectory of many young lives that might otherwise go undirected.