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VIDEO: The Ringleader Behind Some Of America’s Most Inspiring Public Art | Inspired Citizen And Faris Al-Shathir

Faris Al-Shathir, the young co-founder of New York’s public art rooted non-profit, “BOFFO”, has facilitated some of the most interesting collaborations between the worlds of art, fashion and architecture. His idea for BOFFO was born out of a bad economy and a desire to bring together people who could make his larger-than-life ideas a reality. We sat down in the current construction site that is New York City’s “Superpier” on the Hudson River. The site was the location of Boffo’s last collaboration between British eyewear maven Linda Farrow and architects Neiheiser & Valle. Throughout our conversation it was easy to spot Faris’ passion for art and his willingness to do what it takes to make his dream a reality.