Beachside Bliss In Trancoso | Villas De Trancoso

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Sprawling green lawns lead straight to the beach at Villas de Trancoso – the town’s top beachside hotel. As the gates open and the staff come to welcome you into their paradise, it’s evident you’re somewhere special – somewhere you’ll never want to leave. I stayed here for three nights recently and absolutely fell in love with the charm, atmosphere and ambiance this place offers.

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Guests reserve private homes on the property, which are serviced and treated as such. Privacy is key here and everything is effortless. The hotel was full when I was staying, yet I seemed to never see anyone around. There is a good amount of space to get lost, explore and relax in. I spent most of my time taking beach walks on the powdered, creamy sand in front of the hotel.

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My villa here was large and offered two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was cozy, plush and very comfortable. I constantly fought with myself in the evenings as to whether it was better to stay in with a glass of wine and television, or step-out onto the town for a bite to eat. Both options were good, but that’s how happy I was here.

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Villas are done with local materials – even sinks and fixtures are hand-carved out of native wood.

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Flower gardens surround each villa and you can see hummingbirds and other creatures perusing about them early in the morning.

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Breakfast at Villas de Trancoso is served buffet-style and everything is homemade. Of course, you can order eggs a-la-carte, but the table is stocked with fresh Brazilian cheeses, cakes, pastries, fruit and more.

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Breakfast is my favorite meal – and I looked forward to it every morning.

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As soon as breakfast ended, I headed straight for the sand.

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Afternoons were perfect by the pool. For anyone searching for the perfect spot in Trancoso to enjoy the town, but locate yourself right on the beach – look no further. You’ve found bliss.

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