Day Trip From Fes, Morocco | Volubilis

Volubilis is a partly excavated Roman city situated near Meknes, between Fes and Rabat, and is an easy day trip from Fes. Built in a fertile agricultural area, it was developed from the 3rd century BC onwards as a Phoenician settlement. The city grew rapidly under Roman rule from the 1st century AD and expanded to cover nearly 100 acres surrounded by walls. The city erected a number of major public buildings in the 2nd century, including a basilica, temple and triumphal arch. Its prosperity, which was derived principally from olive growing, prompted the construction of many fine town-houses with large mosaic floors that are still on view today.

The ruins of Rome and Athens are beautiful but see hordes of tourists trying to snap the perfect pictures throughout the year. Volubilis is nearly empty, most of the time, which means you will often have the entire place to yourself. My favorite part of the city are the mosaic floors and one very intriguing stone depicting a large male, ahem, penis, where legend has it that the men of the city would compare their own nether regions to in an effort to declare their manhood. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this incredible place.