What To Do In Monaco | Visit The New National Museum Of Monaco

In a principality full of museums it’s important to know that some of the best art and contemporary art exhibitions in the region are located inside Monaco’s New National Museum. The museum, housed in two locations, Villa Sauber and Villa Paloma, offers visitors a very well-curated look into contemporary art related to both Monaco and the international art scene. Here you will see individual pieces and exhibitions of a wide variety – from costumes to paintings, photographic installations and more.

Villa Sauber is currently focusing on an exhibition called, “Construire une Collection” which features works by Mark Dion, Bertrand Lavier, Claire Fontaine and others. Villa Paloma is focusing on the works of Fausto Melotti, the Italian sculptor. But, as these exhibitions will eventually change, you can expect a melange of works at both locations that are a part of the permanent collection. This museum in an example of a space that is well-appointed, not overwhelming and one that keeps the focus on the art – easily accessible for both beginners and advanced lovers of various mediums. It’s a “must visit” while in town.