What To Do In Tenerife | A Visit To Teide National Park

Tenerife is known for its many micro-climates, from wet to arid desert, each one coming with its own unique flora, fauna and visual experience. A visit to the island’s famous Teide National Park allows you to witness all of them. Located at the base of an active volcano atop Tenerife’s highest point, Teide is a spectacle that must be seen to be believed. The desert-like terrain likens itself to another planet with vegetation that only grows here and nowhere else in the world.

Climbing the twists and turns of the roads that lead to Teide is daunting, but magical. On the 90-minute journey, you will witness rainforest, deciduous forests and the ancient laurisilva forest, which is extinct on mainland Europe and holds claim as some of the oldest surviving forest in the world.

Arriving to Teide the impressive Teide Peak volcano instantly puts your surroundings into perspective. Flowering shrubs and trees that only bloom once in a lifetime bend and sway in a way reminiscent of Dr. Seus drawings from childhood. Rock formations and boulders are impressive and small creatures, like lizards, dart in and out of small caves.

After your visit, stop by the small café for a Canarian coffee and pastries while soaking-in the impressive views. You’ll never be able to erase this experience from your mind once you’ve witnessed Teide, it’s just impossible.