What To Do In Victoria | Whale Watching With Eagle Wing Tours

There are many tour companies in British Columbia that offer visitors a journey out into the open sea to witness the magical Orca whale pods living in the area – but few do it as well as Eagle Wing Tours. Eagle Wing has been running the open waters for years and doing it with the utmost respect and care for their friends of the deep. The company offers you a ride on one of their beautiful boats, which are lined with hardwood floors and comfortable leather chairs, to see, firsthand, the wonders of the wild.

British Columbia is rich in marine life. From Orca pods to sea lions, seals, otters, fish, birds and more – you can’t beat the scenery. Eagle Wing educates those who participate in their tours so, not only do you witness these magical creatures up-close, but you walk away feeling as if you know more and have a deeper sense of respect and understanding of how human impact on the oceans effect marine life. In fact, Eagle Wing donates a portion of their ticket sales to local organizations who are spearheading research and preservation of the oceans and whales.

Eagle Wing is the only choice in whale watching when in Victoria.