What To Do In Warsaw

Polin Museum Kraków, Poland - 3

Warsaw is, in my opinion, is Europe’s next hot spot. The time to visit is now. The city is loaded with sights to see, but some stand out amongst the rest. Here is my “must do” list for any first timer visiting the city. And, if you’re looking for an unmatched guide, look no further than Ms. Hanna Dzielińska.

1. Palace of Science and Culture – A Soviet building where you can take-in interesting science and cultural exhibitions, as well as capture a bird’s eye view of the city.

2. Polin Museum – An incredible and nearly new museum of Jewish history that puts Poland’s and the world’s “Jewish experience” into context for all those interested.


3. Old Town Warsaw – a rebuilt replica of what Warsaw looked like before it was completely destroyed during World War II. Only one or two original buildings remain.


4. Royal Łazienki Park – an incredible park that was once the hunting grounds for the Polish king. Today, micro-gardens, fountains, lakes and trails make this an ideal place to spend an afternoon.


5. Shopping On Mokotowska Street – Warsaw’s chicest street where you can indulge in unique fashion from international and local designers.

6. Dine at Opasly Tom – a delicious haute cuisine spot in the center of the city.

7. Soho Factory – A very cool “Brooklyn-esque” place where delicious restaurants, galleries and boutiques come together to create the perfect day of shopping, art and eating. Don’t miss lunch at Warszawa Wschodnia.