What To Eat In Athens | Homemade Gyros

You’ve heard of them before. Gyros are a staple at Greek restaurants internationally, but not all of them are created equal. I know it might seem a bit basic to recommend eating gyros in Athens, but there is a method to my madness. In Greece, they just taste better. Maybe it’s the freshness of the tomatoes, the homemade readiness of the tzatziki or the warm pita bread. In Greece, and throughout the capital of Athens, there are plenty of restaurants which serve gyros constructed with fresh lamb, beef or chicken roasted on an open spit and layered in a hunk of warm pita with delicious vegetables and sauces. I had one that was also stuffed with freshly baked French fries – to die for.

My favorite place for gyros in Athens is in Monastiraki Square, on any of the side streets surrounding the premises. Here you will find a bevy of options to quench your thirst for some of the best gyros Greece has to offer.