What To Experience In Adelboden | A Dairy-Filled Day At The Käserei Schmid Cheese Shop

Sitting in the middle of the idyllic town of Adelboden and marked with a large cow on its roof, the Käserei Schmid Cheese Shop stands as a mecca for dairy lovers and cheese connoisseurs who visit the village. Walking through the sliding glass doors, visitors are instantly taken by the fragrant smell of cheese varieties from across the country. Coolers, refrigerators and shelves are filled to the brim with beautiful hunks and slabs of cheese, from the most mild to the strongest and most aged varieties.

Elderly women run about helping locals who are purchasing their selections for dinner parties or for a picnic in a nearby meadow with the family. The Käserei Schmid specializes in local products, so you will find mostly Swiss cheeses here, along with homemade yogurt, fresh milk, honeys, honeycomb, jams, fruit preserves, chutneys and handmade local spirits.

What is so incredible about this small shop is that they have found a niche that makes sense for the area and have expanded it to the best of their abilities. You can stop and put together the perfect picnic lunch – cured meat, cheeses, beverages and Swiss chocolate, of course. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this shop first hand. If you’re in town longer than two days, you will probably return again and again. It truly personifies the definition of charming.