Where To Eat In Mykonos | Roca Cookery

Mykonos isn’t short of good food. With the sea surrounding the beautiful title port, fresh seafood is bountiful and many of the local restaurants specialize in its preparation. One of my favorite places, for many reasons, is the famous Roca Cookery.

Located right next to the Archaeological Museum with incredible views of the harbor, Delos island and Aegean sunsets, Roca is a white dining room with panoramic ocean views. Here, the kitchen serves-up the most delectable and flavorful Greek dishes – in the most elegant way possible. You’ll get staples like Tzatziki but it will come with homemade bread and garnished with olives from the central part of the island. Wine bottles are chilled in silver buckets at your table with wildflowers to add a splash of color. Candlelight flickers on everything and snapper is served whole on a glass board with grilled vegetables and a homemade olive oil and lemon sauce. Divine.