Where To Eat In New York Now | Kurt Gutenbrunner’s Upholstery Store

In the restaurant-filled West Village, adding one more to the bunch is always welcome; and that latest edition is Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner’s Upholstery Store: Food and Wine. Located on Washington Street, the restaurant is branded as a place to stop-in, relax and have a drink and a smattering of snacks in a beautiful and cozy environment. That branding is on point. With an international palette but keeping close to Gutenbrunner’s Austrian traditions, the food and drink here are truly delicious.

The New York-based 212box architectural firm headed the renovation of the space, which was an existing upholstery store. The goal was to marry modern Austrian design with the existing characteristics that make the room quintessentially “West Village”. They succeeded. Brick walls transition into sleek chandeliers, banquet and table seating as well as Austrian fabrics made by German-Austrian upholsterers, Thonet.

The food at the restaurant cannot get better. On the menu you’ll find options like braised octopus, broth with delicately flavored noodles and duck, oysters with fresh uni, lobster rolls, cheese plates with wild honeycomb and a large roasted artichoke. All of this is paired with expertly mixed cocktails and a stellar selection of German, Austrian and selected international wines. What a treat.

We recommend an evening, or three, at Upholstery Store. Not only will it become one of your favorites in the neighborhood, but you might just move to the neighborhood to be closer to it. It’s that special.