Where To Eat In Portland |The Woodsman Tavern

Good brunches are hard to come by, but the best in Portland, Oregon can be had at The Woodman Tavern. Located on Division Street, right next to the original Stumptown Coffee house, The Woodman Tavern is a gem of a casual dining experience for anyone who is yearning to experience truly fantastic food.

Entering the restaurant, you notice the beautiful rustic touches married with the elegance of large vases with what appear to be freshly picked flowers, perfect in their shape and size, which dot countertops, the hostess stand and the bar. Worn wood, leather and antique knick-knacks make-up the texture of the space, all while diners mix and mingle over Pacific Northwest oysters or dungeness crab hot buttered buns.

Duane Sorenson, the founder of Stumptown Coffee, opened The Woodsman in 2011 and the kitchen is headed by Chef Andrew Gregory, who has both local and national experience under his belt. Every item streaming from the kitchen or bar makes a splash and delight your tastebuds. Starting with the most incredible bloody Marys in town, choose between offering like: the Woodsman bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with jalapeño jam and crispy potatoes, sockeye salmon with cream cheese and pickles, smoked muscles, beautiful oysters on the half shell and eggs benedict with Woodsman ham and homemade hollandaise. The options are well-curated and all surpass the mark of excellence.

Choosing to brunch at The Woodsman Tavern will make you only want to come back for more. The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere make-up the perfect moment to soak-in the cuisine and wonderful service. It’s our favorite brunch in the entire city.