Where To Eat In Rio | Sushi Leblon

Sitting on a lively street, in the Leblon neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, sits the very best place for delicious sushi in the city, Sushi Leblon. The restaurant, a small and intimate venue, is manned at the door by attractive men – checking guests in, one by one, as the restaurant seats each party promptly. Those sans reservation can wait outside with a cocktail and enjoy their time while waiting for a table.

Once seated, I was greeted by my server who offered the restaurant’s signature wine and cocktail menus. I opted for a delicious caipirinha – When in Rome, right? The hand-shaken concoction was served and my order was taken. Being an avid consumer of sushi, I was truly looking forward to the way the restaurant would present their own version of the Japanese favorite. I was impressed.

Over the course of the next two hours, I indulged in crispy-fried calamari, roasted mushrooms, delicious crispy salmon sushi and varying roles. Vegetable dumplings were delicately fried and served with a delicious dipping sauce. The fish used here is truly the freshest you can find. Being a maritime port, Rio is positioned perfectly for Japanese cuisine. Eel, tuna, mackerel, sea bass and more fill the menu.

Sushi Leblon isn’t afraid to be creative, adding their own spin on common dishes, One of my absolute favorites was wrapped salmon sashimi garnished with Sicilian lemon zest – delightful. My meal here was truly fantastic and, as it turns out, Sushi Leblon is worth the hype surrounding it. You mustn’t miss it, for that would be a true mistake.