Where To Shop For Vintage Menswear In Victoria | Command Post On Government Street

Command Post is an antique store located on Government Street in Victoria where you can find collectables from a bygone era as well as incredible vintage menswear. Aside from the melange of coins, stamps, household items, porcelain and other trinkets – you will find men’s military jackets hanging from the walls of this small little shop. Many of these pieces have been sourced throughout Canada and include jackets and uniforms from as far back as the 1930s. I saw a beautiful blue and gold pea coat worn by an employee of Canadian Pacific Steamships around the 1940s and purchased a piece from the 1930s which served as a dress jacket for a general in the Canadian army. What a find. The jacket resembles that of a modern Balmain piece and is entirely handcrafted from thick cotton and felt with gold buttons.

Command Post is a place you’ll want to spend a few hours – trying to dig-up a treasure that means something special to you. When you’re in town, stop-in, you won’t regret it.