Where To Stay In Capri | The Capri Palace Hotel And Spa

The Capri Palace Hotel and Spa is the ultimate sanctuary for any discerning traveler who wants to relax on the beautiful and storied island of Capri in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Atop a hill and in the center of the action in the beautiful little village of Anacapri, this hotel is the epitome of luxury and service on the island. Renowned worldwide as the haunt for celebrities and jet-setters who make Capri their summer home-away-from-home, the Capri Palace has their formula down pat, and it’s been working for them since 1960.

The 72 rooms and suites were remodeled in 2014 so the feel of the hotel is mid-century modern paired with classical touches one would expect in Italy. The white on white exterior and interior makes the perfect canvas to display the countless works of art hanging on the walls or adorning each corner of the hotel. You’ll find it to be a true museum which includes works by well-known Italian artists and even international artists like Keith Haring.

Walking up the path from town and enveloping yourself in the scents of lemon and botanicals which float through the air from the hotel’s gardens, you can’t help but be mesmerized. The lobby feels light and airy, breezy fabrics flowing in the soft wind. You’ll notice candles dotting the space, a recpetion desk with well-heeled staff members and guests roaming about from recent days spent on the sea or shopping in the village. The beautiful tile work comes from traditional methods originating on the nearby Amalfi coast.

Rooms at the Capri Palace are large and spacious – feeling more like a private studio or apartment. Mine had a fantastic view of the sea and across the property. The blue and white color palette was blindingly beautiful and appropriate for the location. Fabrics used on the beds and on hotel furniture have come from well-known Italian brand, Loro Piana. The textures of woven cottons and steamed linen are common in these parts. The rich tile work in the room was noteworthy and it carried on from the entry all the way into the large bathroom with tub, rain shower and dressing area.

Upon welcome, guests might find a traditional chocolate and almond Caprese torte in their room, enjoying a slice while they sit and pour through fashion magazines and books on local culture which punctuate tabletops. These are the details that matter, and the attention to detail is evident throughout the hotel. You’ll find a Michelin-starred restaurant on property, L’Olivo, as well as the well-respected medical spa, “The Farm”. The Capri Palace is a haven that, quite frankly, you don’t need to leave.

There is a beautiful central swimming pool for guests’ use as well as a beach club. Some private suites, like the Paltrow presidential suite, have their own pools. This particular suite is named after American actress Gwyneth Paltrow – who once stayed in the room. Ms. Paltrow’s face is painted on the bottom of the private pool in this suite. Concierge services have no limit with offers to organize private tours of the island, a boat trip, day trips to Positano and more.

Staying at the Capri Palace is staying at the best – quite simply put. It’s the perfect spot on the island to just let go.