Where To Stay In Fes, Morocco | Riad Maison Bleue

Selecting a hotel in Fes is daunting, as there are many inns, guesthouses, riads and luxury full-service hotels to choose from. But, one that stands out amongst the rest is Riad Maison Bleue – a private home built in the 1800s that was converted into an elegant and tranquil hotel.

Maison Bleue has played host to many well-known Moroccans and the noble air still fills its beautiful corridors. It was the home of Moulay Bel Arbi El Alaoui, an eminent judge and professor of theology as well as a famous Moroccan philosopher, Aziz Lahbabi, who was born and raised in the house. Today, entering off a small street, you are instantly in a quiet space where you feel as if you’ve been invited into a stunning vacation home of a very wealthy friend. Marble, expertly laid tile work and a bubbling pool in the central courtyard make for a relaxing sight.

The staff members at the hotel are present, but make themselves relatively scarce in an effort not to overwhelm you. But, if needed, they are there in an instant. As you make your way through the restored home and the adjoining homes connected (all which make up the entirety of the hotel) you notice a well-curated view of Moroccan antiques, rugs, furniture and other objet d’art. Each corner has been thought of, which is nice to see as an appreciator of good design and decor.

Maison Bleue offers 16 suites, all decorated in varying themes. The suites are large and feel like private apartments. They are well situated within the hotel and offer living rooms, large televisions, huge bathrooms and very comfortable beds. It’s all very chic. The hotel also has a restaurant which serves wonderful Moroccan and international dishes on both the terrace and inside, in a more elegant space. There is a spa on site with a private hammam, as well.

Staying at Maison Bleue is an effortlessly luxurious experience. You won’t want to leave your comfortable trappings, even to explore this beautiful city. The entire experience is in balance and harmony, which is not an easy thing to find in a bustling city like Fes.