Where To Stay In Santorini | The Chromata Hotel

Sitting in the middle of the village of Imerovigli on Santorini, the entrance to the Chromata Hotel comes out of nowhere. Just a white sign and an arrow from the street lead you up a steep hill to the edge of a cliff. How could a hotel be located here? There’s nothing in sight. But, just as you’re about to give up the search, you look down. Spilling out over the cliff’s edge and along the rocks, small buildings in a shade of the whitest white congregate together to make one of Santorini’s most beautiful five-star hotels.

Stairs that run between the buildings and over limestone rocks dotted with wildflowers take you from the street down to the reception area. A welcoming smile from the staff and a glass of champagne is a nice way to arrive. Rooms here are tucked into cavernous spaces dug out of the rocks and are furnished with marble stone beds with sumptuous mattresses and linens, flat screen televisions, large bathrooms, rain showers and some even have built-in hot tubs. They are truly unique.

A beautiful bar and restaurant encircle the cliffside infinity pool where you can stare-off for hours at boats sailing in the distance or the sun rising and setting over the picturesque village of Oia. The Chromata Hotel is truly one of a kind and an excellent option on the cliffs of Santorini.