The Ultimate New York Apartment | Yves Delorme’s Superior Bath Linens

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Yves Delorme, the superb French linen manufacturer is known for more than their incredible bedding. An Yves Delorme bathroom is, by far, one of the most luxurious you can have and brings the same sense of elegance you’ll find in their bedrooms – to another room of the home with equal importance. Yves Delorme is synonymous with luxury and quality – and stepping out of the shower and into one of their cozy bath sheets is an incomparable feeling.

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We spoke with Groupe Fremaux Delorme Managing Director Amaury Fremaux, about the company’s relationship with the bathroom, tips on which towels are appropriate for what occasion and what impact the Yves Delorme bath linens have on their customers lives.

IC: Why did Yves Delorme decide to move into bath linens?

YD: Actually, the question is interesting because Yves Delorme started the company with bath linens! For years Yves Delorme was exclusively producing bath linens under Mr. Yves Delorme, while at the time the Fremaux Company was producing luxury bed linens, as well as manufacturing yarns and weaving fabrics.

We launched a collaboration between Yves Delorme and Fremaux Delorme to offer a more complete assortment or products, and few years later The Fremaux Company acquired The Yves Delorme Company and merged the two activities.  Today, Yves Delorme represents the French luxury lifestyle concept in terms of home linens (bed, bath, table, beach/deck) textile décor accessories, and even lounge and sleepwear.

IC: What makes your bath offerings so special?

YD: Yves Delorme creates a complete bath line coordinating with each seasonal fashion print design in the bed linen category to offer the complete look and assure the Yves Delorme lifestyle concept.  The bath offering includes all sizes of bath towels, fingertip towels, bath mats, and of course, bath robes and kimono wraps, which are tailored with a Couture approach, giving attention to details such as embroidery, overall cut and design, and form on the cuffs, collar and belt.  All of the original artwork on the fashion designs are re-interpreted in terms of embroidery or weave and scaled for each particular towel size.

Yves Delorme owns and operates its weaving facilities, and the workshop, located in Sevelinges, France, that is specialized in jacquard toweling is one of the most cutting-edge jacquard towel facilities in Europe assuring modern techniques and mastery of design and color.  We just rebuilt and modernized this particular factory in Summer 2016.

Our head of design in this particular towel studio, Jacqueline Deverchère, has been honored of the insignia of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the Ministry of Culture and Communication for her versatility as a specialist in Multicolor Jacquard Design and as the Manager of the Sevelinges workshop team.  We are extremely proud of reuniting this type of excellence in terms of talent and savoir-faire, and we feel that this is also what makes our bath offering extremely special, beyond the qualities of the actual products.

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IC: How do you source your textiles for your bath linen collection?

YD: Our bath linens are only made out of two factories: The first is the one, we just discussed in Sevelinges in France,  and the second is located in Turkey, chosen because of the long history and deep culture of the manufacturing of beautiful bath linens.

IC: Where does your inspiration for design come from in your bath linen collection?

YD: The Yves Delorme Head Designer & Art Director, Laurence Rouet, finds inspiration for all of our textile collections notably in nature and in the poetry of flora and fauna.  Laurence also finds her inspirations in studying world cultures and in the fine arts, performing arts and literature.  With over 450 stores worldwide and 1 set of linens sold each minute around the globe, Yves Delorme most definitely has an international spirit and looks to multiple inspirations to provide that necessary spark in designing the Yves Delorme Garden!

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IC: What items are essential for a well-rounded, chic bathroom?

YD: In addition to luxury towels a chic bathroom must have comfortable, plush and elegant bathmats for both shower and bath as well as sink areas.  In addition, a bathroom must have stylish and simple bathrobes and if possible, a wall-mounted towel warmer.

IC: Do you have any tips on towel etiquette? Which towel should be used for what occasion? 

In France, there is no such thing as a “show towel.”  All towels in a bathroom should be beautiful and finely assorted to the interior décor, but they should also be used and absolutely enjoyed!  It is this sort of daily luxury that makes each day a special occasion.

IC: What is the signature product of the Yves Delorme bath linen collection?

YD: The Yves Delorme solid color “Etoile” towel, available in 19 on-trend colors and with an extraordinary hand and quality makes it the absolute reference for luxury toweling in the industry.